Who We Are


OBJECTIVES: To promote conservation of water, fish and wildlife, and the natural beauty and advantages of the area consistent with the orderly development thereof; To maintain and enhance clear and pure water, good fishing and water safety in the area; To promote and maintain adequate weed and pollution control in the area.

We are an association of permanent and seasonal residents and other supporters of Dog Lake. Our basic values include: Environmental care, respect for wildlife, marine safety, good neighbours, good fishing, great boating, family fun, and success for local businesses. We also promote good relations with visiting campers and boaters who launch at the Ship Yards and other places.

You can learn more about our organization, initiatives, programs, and activities by reading the other pages of this website and by reviewing our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DogLakeAssociation.

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Dog Lake Association Board of Directors:

Sue Shaw
President [email protected] 613-353-4433/613-483-9442

anet Brown - Chair, Water Quality Committee

Daryl Neve - Acting Secretary [email protected] 519-386-2003

Kari Galasso - Chair Social Committee [email protected] 613-387-9910/613-328-9079

Bruce JacksonTreasurer [email protected] 613-387-8082/343-364-8282

Bob Volpe - Website Manager [email protected] 613-353-2991/585-301-5579

Ken Wollin - At Large 
[email protected]

Other Volunteers:

Arend Bonen - Newsletter Layout [email protected] 613-353-4433

Cynthia HolzNewsletter Editor [email protected]